You Can’t Stop the Beat

Sometimes the people at home can be too supportive and involved in General Conference activities. This evening at dinner I was informed by three different people (all with smartphones, which I don’t currently have) that not only had the video of our flashmob from this afternoon made its way swiftly online, but one of my supportive adult friends, photographer Paul Jeffrey, had gotten the following quite clear photo of me dancing and posted it on facebook, and it was all over the place.

(I guess it’s better than posting the photos I’m pretty sure he has of me bawling my eyes out at the witness action last Wednesday.)

So the story here is that as part of the Common Witness Coalition, there is a flashmob witness team. The absolutely inspiring liturgical dancer, seminarian and all-around awesome Tyler Sit led a group of young adults in quickly learning the steps to the dance, and coordinated us in maybe a total of an hour over two days. As may be clear in the video, I’m not really much of a dancer, and I got confused about which leg went first a couple times. But I DID get to go first down the “runway”, and didn’t know I was going to be leading the banner down the line. (Hey Andrew, sweetie: No, I am not trying to tell you something by apparently becoming a poster child of the Love Your Neighbor campaign for at least this afternoon on facebook. We’re still on for September 8th)

I kind of hate being the center of attention. That’s part of why I’m totally thrilled to be a lowly legislative monitor with Common Witness. But I get to meet all kinds of United Methodist rock stars this week! I have had the joy to chat with something like six bishops and their spice*, an Associate General Secretary, GCSRW and GBCS staff, and a member of the Judicial Council who I met on the walk to the hotel.

Amy DeLong also gave me one of her rainbow stoles ^_^

I am a huge nerd, but so is everyone else, and I love it here!

*another shout-out to my future spouse. Spice is the proper Simpson-Stanton/Nurse plural of Spouse.


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